Safety: Certainty that what is supposed to work does work!

An AED almost never fails, but they do require management and oversight. One of our clients was a large recreational facility. Using a mobile device, the staff would start each shift by scanning a QR label on their AED that would confirm eyes-on completion of a ready report. One inspection noted that the battery had failed despite an expiration date a year in the future. It happens. Unfortunately, the management team relied on the expiration date not wanting to invest in a backup battery. But the non-compliant status automatically generated an immediate follow-up, a new battery was overnighted, and the single AED for that facility was operative 24 hours later.

That incident happened on a Monday, on Thursday one of their clients suffered a cardiac arrest. The AED was rapidly deployed by the staff, and the individual was responsive by the time the ambulance arrived. He survived to be discharged from the hospital several days later. One can imagine the outcome without that accountability tool. And yes, on Friday that manager invested in a backup battery.

Certainty is a level of confidence attributed to a particular knowledge. Safety checklists are an accountability tool that provides certainty, knowledge that all elements of a safety procedure are in place. They are particularly effective when they require eyes-on reporting, automatic non-compliant notification, and follow-up inspection.

The RiskWatchCloud provides certainty, a particular knowledge that your safety equipment is in place and functional, your staff ready to implement a policy that must be successfully carried out the first time. Our mobile checklist system saved the life above, and others! We can deliver an entire safety system, or in many cases integrate our mobile checklist application into your legacy product. Contact us, we are always happy to discuss your needs.

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