Providing a Roadmap for Employee Success

The staffing needs of the recreational community frequently requires part time or seasonal work. The ideal employee fit is often young people seeking an entry level opportunity. For the employer that solution is not unproblematic.

Lacking life experience and maturity, young employees are less capable of critical thought, often fail to recognize organizational priorities, and can make poor decisions that negatively impact both customer service and safety. Comprehensive on-boarding and consistent managerial oversight are critical. But what is most needed is an on-going roadmap for employee success.

Checklists and workflow reports are often thought of as a management tool, but by crafting an employee-centric document they can serve as a guide for your expectations. As part of the safety process the repetitive action of completing  a readiness report by a young staffer prepares them to react rapidly and effectively. Designed similarly to a checklist, a workflow report is a guide to what is to be done and when it is to be done. Utilizing both lets the employee know that they are accountable for the organization’s safety and customer service process.

Being a young employee means learning responsibility, acclimating to a work environment, and becoming a self-sufficient team member. Being a good manager means providing a pathway for their success.

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