The RiskWatchCloudTM Solution

RiskWatchSystemsLLC created the RiskWatchCloud as a fully supported  cloud platform with integrated mobile services for managing an organization’s training, safety, and work-related processes.

A process serves as a procedural roadmap that describes how things are done, provides structure for the execution of vital actions and tasks, and is a determinant of quality. Effective oversight of your essential and supportive processes will deliver indicators of compliance, efficiency, and value. It provides the leadership team with the “certainty” that what they wanted done – got done!

Managing Safety and Security

Manage risk, improve preparedness, and audit compliance. Your front-line staff become a collaborative and accountable participant in the safety process as supervisors gain a labor-saving management tool that delivers immediate notification when a non-compliant status is identified.

  • Building Security and Signage
  • Fire, Hazmat and Confined Space Management.
  • PPE and Rescue Equipment Tracking
  • Medical Emergency Response
  • Medical Device and Drug Management
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control
  • EMS/Fire Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance
  • Commercial Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection
  • Water and Recreational Safety
  • Incident Reporting

Managing Work-Related Actions and Tasks

Manage the processes that keep your organization productive with informed control over the activities and tasks that are critical to attaining institutional goals and achieving your customer’s expectations.

  • Standard Work Documentation
  • Customer Service Management
  • Work-Flow Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Compliance Oversight
  • Risk Management
  • Data Analytics

On-Line Training and Information Access

Optimize your investment in employee education with convenient and secure 24/7 access to information, training, and testing. Placing your training materials and documents on-line will facilitate employee on-boarding and recurrent training. Equally important, it reduces the need for critical information recall by providing users with rapid information access and review when it is needed. The system will allow performance, certification, and licensure tracking, prepare digitally signed statements, and deliver automatic recurrent training notification.

  • Convenient On-Line Training
  • Automatically Scored Testing
  • Training and Performance Tracking
  • Stand Alone Training
  • Support a Classroom Experience
  • A Secure Information and Document Resource
  • Digitally Signed Statements
  • Recurrent Training Notification

Analytics in Real-Time

No more crunching numbers, manipulating spreadsheet data, or exhaustive report preparation – it is all done for you! Real-time compliance, adherence, and work-flow reporting. Daily, weekly, and monthly performance metrics can be displayed with a keystroke.

Gain insight with metrics available in real-time and analytics that enable rapid analysis of trends and performance indicators. Immediate notification is automatically sent when any compliance deficiency is identified allowing the management team to take corrective action before a systemic problem evolves.